Here at Carpet Depot & Interiors of Winona, we are your one-stop shop for renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Not only can we help you select the right flooring for your kitchen, but we also offer cabinets, counter tops, and fixtures, so that you can be in and out and on your way home to a new kitchen in no time!

Woodland Cabinetry

Create an inviting atmosphere with rustic colors, make a statement with seductive two-tone browns or give your cabinetry character with two levels of distressing techniques.


At the center of every home lies a place where loved ones unite, children snack with new best friends after school and world problems are debated over wine. Each time we come home, we go to this place, this room of comfort, joy and harmony. Welcome to the kitchen. Where ideas thrive. Recipes are born. Meals turn into moments. And life is inspired.

Omega Cabinetry

We offer many styles when it comes to kitchen kitchen cabinets. Omega, delivering beautiful products that exceed standards for superior quality, at exceptional prices!